New Condo? Key Points to Review Before and During a Real Estate Presale Delivery

Got Some Detective Skills? Check the Developer

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The success of your real estate presale purchase depends on the reputation and experience of the company building it. Before signing any presale agreement, thoroughly investigate them and consult our advisors for insider information.

  • Verify their registration, licenses, credentials, and membership in professional organizations. This validates their legitimacy.
  • Review online reviews and testimonials. Watch for red flags like delayed projects or shoddy construction!
  • Check their portfolio of completed projects in the Riviera Maya. This demonstrates consistent quality.
  • Evaluate their financial strength through credit checks or reports. Insufficient funds can delay completion.

Don’t hesitate to have our advisors assist you with background research.

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Closely Monitor the Real Estate Presale Construction Schedule

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Completion dates for a real estate presale are estimates and are subject to change due to construction delays or issues with permits. To avoid any unpleasant surprises, it’s best to stay updated on the progress by regularly communicating with the developer and visiting the construction site.

  • Factor in additional time in your moving plans, especially if your unit is nearing the project’s completion.
  • Take note of your place in the occupancy delivery order. The first units are usually delivered faster.
  • Obtain all target dates and schedule changes in writing from the developer.

Our advisor will ensure that the payments you make in the process are backed by the progress of the work, ultimately giving you peace of mind.

Check out some of the most outstanding projects offering the real estate presale plan in the area:

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Avoid Disappointment: What to Verify Before Delivery

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Before accepting your condo, thoroughly inspect it to verify the quality of the construction and finishes. Don’t worry; our advisors will ensure a comprehensive analysis and identify any deficiencies that need correction.

Focus on the following key areas:

  • Functionality of floors, cabinets, appliances, plumbing, electrical systems, etc.
  • Overall quality of finishes and paint. Look for damage or subpar workmanship.
  • Compliance with building codes, safety standards, and accessibility regulations.
  • Completion of all agreed-upon amenities in common areas.

With our advisors overseeing the process, you can be confident that your new home will meet your expectations.

Review All Documentation Thoroughly

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To protect your legal rights and obligations, carefully examine all documentation for your real estate presale before closing, including:

  • Purchase Contract: Understand all terms about deposits, payments, possession date, etc.
  • Occupancy Agreement: Describes the delivery procedure, repairs, rules for using facilities.
  • Warranty Coverage: Details the scope of protection for defects, claim procedures, limitations.
  • Condominium Documents: By-laws, rules, budget, project plans.
  • Municipal Permits: Verify occupancy, construction, and zoning permits.

Here at Cinco Real Estate, we can help you decipher the legalities and ensure the protection of your rights. Don’t leave any document unreviewed.

How Are Shared Amenities Maintained? Familiarize Yourself with the Homeowners Association (HOA)

Most condos and apartments in real estate presales involve a Homeowners Association (HOA), an organization that manages common areas in planned housing communities or condominiums. It is made up of the homeowners themselves.

Membership in the HOA is mandatory for all owners in the residential complex. It is financed through fees paid by the owners, which are used for the maintenance of common areas, shared services, and enforcing rules that preserve property values.

Understand its fees, rules, and role in maintaining shared amenities. Key topics to clarify include:

  • Amount and coverage of the HOA fee. Watch out for hidden costs!
  • HOA’s responsibilities for landscaping, recreation, security, waste removal, etc.
  • All community rules about pets, noise, parking, renovations, etc.
  • HOA’s complaint resolution process.
  • Board contacts, meetings, and communication procedures.

Found Defects? Ensure Post-Occupancy Support for Repairs

Units delivered in real estate presales may still have some issues or defects after moving in. Before closing, ensure you have:

  • Clear developer contacts and procedures for reporting post-occupancy defects.
  • Defined response times, repair processes, and workmanship warranties.
  • Applicable manufacturer warranties for appliances and equipment.
  • Recommendations for vendors familiar with the building.

Feeling More Confident? Embrace the Adventure

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Buying a unit in a real estate presale allows you to capitalize on incentives and new construction pricing. But ensuring a hassle-free delivery requires diligence. Trust our experience at every stage, from paperwork to possession and beyond. Our dedicated advisors will look after your interests, so you can rest assured that the purchase of your paradise home is in good hands. Contact us, and let’s get started!

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