Real Estate Presales in Tulum: The Moneymaking Business in the Riviera Maya

Ready to discover everything about real estate presales in Tulum and the Riviera Maya? Buying a property before its construction is the best way to maximize your investment. Learn about all the advantages offered by the business model most favored by those who anticipate market trends.

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What is a Real Estate Presale?

A real estate presale is essentially when a developer or builder offers a property for sale that has not yet been constructed. This is the perfect and highly sought-after opportunity for you to acquire a property in its early development stages and enjoy the benefits.

Advantages of Real Estate Presales

You’ll have access to more affordable list prices and enjoy substantial appreciation by the time construction is completed. This means your investment could increase significantly in value even before you move in. With the booming real estate market in Tulum, now is the perfect time to take advantage of this golden opportunity.

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Renders? Brochures? Time to Let Your Imagination Fly

To sell properties before they’re constructed or finished, developers turn to attractive multimedia resources that will allow you to visualize the project and become familiar with its concept and spirit. Time to put your imagination to work!

  • 3D renderings and virtual tours: Allow you to see realistic depictions of how the completed development will look, both exterior and interior.
  • Floor plans and designs: Show the layout, sizes, and features of the apartments, houses, common areas, etc.
  • Infographics and promotional videos: Visually explain the project’s advantages and benefits.
  • Printed graphic materials: Brochures, floor plans, and designs on paper for clients to take home.
  • Websites and social media: Centralize all this digital material online for easy access.
  • Decorated model units: Allow you to visit properties with finishes similar to those offered.

What does Real Estate Presales in Tulum look like?

As mentioned, developers use their best tools to convey and translate their real estate development idea or concept to potential investors like you. Click and check out more images of how those efforts are reflected and how they resonate with your intention to invest in one of the region’s strongest destinations.

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How Does the Presale Purchase Process Work?

At this stage, you have the advantage of making comfortable partial payments. Typically, a down payment or deposit is made, usually 20% or 30% of the unit, and the balance is arranged with the developer-client, either in installments (monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, etc.) or in a single payment, depending on the client’s resources and the progress of the work. Thus, with a down payment and accessible, flexible payments, you can acquire your new property without having to disburse the full amount all at once.

Can I Exit My Presale Investment?

Real estate presales allow you to earn profits even before construction is completed. If your plans change, you can flexibly sell your presale unit. This short-term investment possibility capitalizes on the growing demand in the Riviera Maya.

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What Happens After the Real Estate Presale Stage?

Once the presale phase is concluded, construction begins, and the house or apartment of your dreams starts to take shape. During this time, your real estate advisor will periodically inform you of the progress and timelines. As construction nears completion, you’ll be invited to participate in the final walkthrough to ensure all details meet your expectations. And before you know it, the keys to your new home will be in your hands.

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Are There Risks Associated with Presales?

It’s essential to be aware of the potential risks and uncertainties involved in this decision, as you’re buying a property based on plans, renderings, and promises. Keep in mind that some developers may experience the following issues:

  • Lack of experience in the sector, which can lead to errors
  • Possible construction failures and problems
  • Failure to meet promised delivery deadlines
  • Lower quality than expected in the delivered units
  • Delays or complications in obtaining property titles
  • Risk of non-completion of the workra

“It’s crucial to inform yourself about the location, type of project, planning, delivery timelines, and financing options before buying. We have in-depth knowledge of the market to ensure your investment is a success.”

Cinco Real Estate

Let’s Begin the Search!

Investing in real estate presales is easy with our team of experts. The key is to stay updated and act quickly when you find a presale opportunity that captivates your imagination. Remember, time is of the essence, and waiting too long could cost you the chance to secure your ideal property.

With Cinco Real Estate
, you’ll have a smooth and rewarding experience on your path to the perfect property. Start building the future you desire today with the best by your side.

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